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810 CrossFit - ONLINE!
*45 Minute Online Zoom Classes!
*Coach Led!
*Weekly Accountability!
*Kids get FREE access to our kids classes!
*Discounted rate on our Online Nutrition Coaching!
*3 Equipment Options!
—–1.  No Equipment!
—–2. Dumbbell/Kettlebell!
—–3. Full Gym!
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: 810 CrossFit
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810 Nutrition
Your job here is simple:
2.  Be Coachable!
The education on how to enter your food is provided FREE! Once you complete the education on how to enter your food, our Precision Nutrition Certified Coaches can add you to our private MyFitnessPal group!  We will learn your preferences and guide you while holding you accountable… We have experience with the Paleo Diet, “Count Your Macros,” the Zone Diet, the Ketogenic Diet, and  Intermittent Fasting. The results will come!
This is 100% online communication.  From us you can expect:
1.  Frequent email communication to get you started logging food.  A phone call if necessary.
2.  Daily email communication for one week reviewing the previous days food log.
3.  After one week, weekly reviews of your last weeks food log. 
4.  All additional, specific questions are addressed via email, 24 hour response time!
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: 810 CrossFit
Locations810 CrossFit
From $15.00
P.E. Online
Empower your kids to stay healthy and fit while school is canceled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Our Michigan certified teachers & CrossFit Kids Coaches (30+ combined years of fitness & teaching experience) will guide your kiddos through a proper warm-up, core workout, and bodyweight workout.  NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED!
These are Zoom powered workouts... Once you sign-up online, you will receive the Zoom session password.  Be ready to start working out when class starts!
Once you would like to cancel your membership, revisit and see our Cancelation tab in our footer!
Elementary (K-5):  Monday-Friday, 11:30am-12:00, $20/7 Days
Middle & High School (6-12):  Mon-Friday, 12-12:45pm, $20/7 Days
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: Junior Varsity CrossFit
Locations810 CrossFit
From $20.00